I grew up on a farm six hours north of Perth in the small country town of Northampton. Like most kids, my dream was to play AFL and follow in the footsteps of the numerous AFL stars who have come out of my hometown. As I got older, this was still my dream, but my parents kept me grounded and ensured I had a Plan B.

My Plan B turned out to be following my passion for money but, more importantly, my passion to help and get the best out of others. Combining these two, I was introduced to the financial planning world - I loved the idea of being able to help people with their finances. I enjoy the problem-solving nature of the industry. Every client has different circumstances, and therefore, we need to provide advice that suits each individual to ensure their goals are met. I also really enjoy communicating and connecting with people and listening to different people’s stories, which I believe is one of the most important attributes to have in becoming a successful financial adviser.

After I left school, I studied for a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in finance and financial planning, at Curtin University. Upon graduating, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Rob Pyne and was fortunate enough to be employed by HPH Solutions. I am looking forward to progressing my career here at HPH Solutions, with aspirations to ultimately become an adviser in the near future.

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