Elaine Forrester

I wouldn’t say I had any particular interest in money or finance when I was growing up. But I did very much enjoy getting my passbook account book updated whenever I paid money into my account.

Having saved quite steadfastly into that account over the years, when I got my first full-time job I started setting aside a small amount each month to buy bonds. After moving out of home, I wasn’t able to maintain the extra monthly investment but I’m pleased to say I still have those bonds to this day!

Career-wise, I started in Information Technology. When I moved to Australia in 1993, all the major financial services companies were undertaking huge IT projects to prepare for new legislation being introduced in 1994. That was my introduction to the financial services world, and I found that I loved all the quirks and the ever-changing rules of the super/pension system. I’ve been working in financial services ever since.

While the fact I genuinely enjoy all the technical aspects of the industry means I really love my job here at HPH, my main reason for staying in the industry is knowing the work we do makes a genuine difference to people’s lives. And it’s really lovely to work with colleagues whose motivation is the same.

Elaine has a Bachelor of Science, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

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