7 reasons we love The Barefoot Investor book (and 1 we don’t)

By Rob Pyne | April 29, 2021

We appreciate the book’s ability to increase the financial literacy of all who read it and relieve people of the pressure of personal debt.

Age, assets or income: When should you start working with a financial advisor?

By Rob Pyne | April 23, 2021

While there are no hard and fast rules, there are some rules of thumb that apply, $150,000 in household income being one.

Emma Cork

Welcome to Emma Cork – the newest addition to our Advice team

By Rob Pyne | April 1, 2021

Emma has more than 20 years’ experience as a financial adviser including 7 years with Plan B Financial Services and 14 years with Macquarie Private Wealth

The power of progress

By Rob Pyne | March 28, 2021

Humans are notorious for only ever looking ahead to where we want to be and not taking the time to appreciate how far we’ve come. Here are some actionable ways to put the power of progress to good use

Kelly Exeter - Communications & Marketing

Introducing our newest team member – Kelly Exeter

By Rob Pyne | March 25, 2021

We know the impact great financial advice and life planning has on people’s wellbeing and lives. Having Kelly on the team will help us spread the word.

HPH Solutions takes out a rare FPA Award double!

By Rob Pyne | November 26, 2020

The FPA Awards are national financial planning awards designed to recognise members who deliver the highest standards of professional and trusted advice to Australian consumers.

Coronaviru Stockmarket

COVID-19 Markets: Historical Perspective + Govt Stimulus Measures

By Rob Pyne | April 2, 2020

During share market movements such as we have seen over the past six weeks, we know the instinct to act rather than remain steadfast can be compelling.

March 23: Coronavirus Financial Relief Measures for Australia

By Rob Pyne | March 23, 2020

On 22 March the Prime Minister and Treasurer released details of a 2nd round of economic measures, designed to cushion Australians from the economic impact of COVID-19.


Life after farming: An HPH Solutions case study

By Rob Pyne | February 14, 2020

When farmers Graeme and Victoria first came to us, their goal was simply to reduce insurance premiums and simplify their super.

Don’t let news headlines drive your investment strategy

By Jim Parker, Dimensional Fund Advisors | December 13, 2019

Follow the news by all means. But be wary about using the news as an investment barometer. Listen to your financial advisor instead.  

Confidently spending money in retirement: An HPH Solutions case study

By Rob Pyne | December 5, 2019

Grace now knows how much money she has to spend, and is more confident about spending it on home improvements to make her life more comfortable.


Navigating insurance claim options with confidence: An HPH Solutions case study

By Rob Pyne | October 28, 2019

This case study shares how you can use insurance claims to your advantage along with financial strategies to maximise investments.

Retirement planning

Retirement planning: An HPH Solutions case study

By Rob Pyne | October 17, 2019

Jim and Susan are 5 and 12 years away from retirement respectively and decided to meet our financial planners to get a solid financial plan in place.

You don’t know what you don’t know: An HPH Solutions case study

By Rob Pyne | October 16, 2019

Ben and Sarah would be able to draw down $90,000 per annum in retirement until around 85 years of age and then $60,000 per annum thereafter.

Latest survey reveals what’s important to our clients at HPH Solutions

By Rob Pyne | October 14, 2019

HPH Solutions is always working to improve the financial lives of our clients and greatly value the insights we gain regarding what really matters to them.

Financial advice: What people really think

By Rob Pyne | October 2, 2019

A report by ASIC looked at what consumers thought of financial advice and of the financial planners who deliver it. Here’s our take.

West State Super retirement planning: HPH Solutions case study

By Rob Pyne | September 17, 2019

This new superannuation strategy saved Rob and Marie around $24,000 per annum in tax. Our financial advisors provided a technical perspective of where and how to invest.

Different horizons for successful investing

By Dimensional Fund Advisors | January 25, 2019

Rather than acting on worrying sentiments in the news, leave the markets to do the worrying and instead focus on the horizons that are meaningful to you

2018 Year in Review – Markets and Headlines

By Rob Pyne | January 15, 2019

Global equity markets posted their worst performance in seven years in 2018, although most of the damage was done in the fourth quarter. The step-up in volatility towards year-end was …

2018 Year in Review – Markets and Headlines Read More »

Better money management beyond Christmas

By Rob Pyne | December 10, 2018

While it’s nearly Christmas this article seeks to share some thoughts on a more perennial approach to better money management.

financial life planning

Wheel of Life …. What’s the Money for?

By Rob Pyne | November 9, 2018

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Lewis Carroll Money helps us achieve the things we want in our life.  No revelation there. …

Wheel of Life …. What’s the Money for? Read More »

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