Dylan Renoux

My entry into the financial planning industry was a bit different to most. My sister had just completed her Commerce degree and was applying for an Associate Planner position at a financial planning firm. She got the job, declined their offer but told the directors ‘my brother might like the role, he is good with numbers’. I was always good at Maths in school.

The very next week I found myself in the same office, interviewing for the role my sister had just turned down. I guess they saw potential in me because I ended up being offered the position. This led to a rapid expansion of my knowledge of the financial planning profession and industry more broadly as I learned on the job.

My role at HPH Solutions as a paraplanner is very different to the Associate Planner role but I’m loving the learning that I’m getting and the mentorship from the other members of the team.

Dylan Renoux has a Diploma in Accounting & Cert IV in Information Technology from TAFE.

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