Our Values-driven Approach

When considering whether a financial advisory firm is a good fit for you, a good place to start is understanding the approach the firm takes to providing advice. 

Our clients are people who appreciate the following five principles that underpin how we deliver financial advice for life:

1. Relationships over transactions

To ensure our clients enjoy the short and long-term benefits of financial advice, all our client relationships are ongoing in nature (we don’t offer ‘once-off’ consultations). Care and connection are at the heart of our practice. 

2. 'We' over 'me'

We work with rather than for our clients, planning together to achieve their personal, financial and lifestyle goals. We work together as a team.

3. Evidence over opinion

In a world of short news cycles and catchy headlines, it can be hard to distinguish facts from an agenda-driven narrative. While we understand every financial and lifestyle decision has an emotional aspect, it’s important that reactions don’t override sound decision-making. We are always there as a strategic sounding board for our clients.

4. Curiosity over judgement

People have conversations with us that they can’t have with anyone else. We’re here to listen, understand, and provide personal advice that is tailored to the hopes, fears and dreams of each client.

5. Proactive over reactive

Our clients don’t wait for unexpected events to throw them off course and dictate their decisions ... and neither do we. Our regular and structured progress update process ensures our clients are well prepared, allowing them to have confidence in the present and future state of their finances.

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