Financial Wellbeing Presentations


When your employees are financially well, this can have several benefits for both you and them:

Improved mental health

Financial stability significantly reduces stress and anxiety and boosts general wellbeing - both mental and physical.


Employees who aren't distracted by financial worries can concentrate better, make better decisions, and contribute more effectively.

Increased retention & engagement

Employees who feel valued and cared for by their employer are more invested in their work and the success of their organisation.

Positive company culture and brand

Companies who genuinely care about their employees' financial health are more attractive to potential hires.

Our Financial Wellbeing Presentation Topics

Money for Life

  • How financial wellbeing affects your quality of life

  • Financial wellbeing indicators and self-assessment

  • Evidence based strategies for boosting financial wellbeing

  • Detractors from financial wellbeing and how to avoid them

  • Cash flow management as a fundamental component

Budgeting, Saving and Getting out of Debt

  • Three key elements of a savvy spending system

  • How to create a thorough budget

  • How to identify savings

  • How to structure your accounts

  • In which order to repay your debts

Investing Wisely

  • Planning for financial independence

  • Understanding your tolerance of risk

  • Mainstream investment types to start with

  • Investing inside superannuation vs outside

Retirement boosters (for pre-retirees)

  • Planning for retiring on your terms

  • Estimating how much is enough

  • Investment and superannuation strategies for pre-retirees

If there is another topic you'd like us to present on, or if you'd like a combination of the above,
we can tailor a presentation to meet the specific needs of you and your employees.

Our Presenter - Matt Hern


Matt Hern is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and an experienced presenter.

His approach blends social science and personal finance in a way that is highly engaging while also delivering clear and actionable strategies for reducing financial stress and improving financial wellbeing. Matt has over 20 years of experience in helping people achieve their financial goals. He is passionate about sharing the wide-ranging benefits of improved financial wellbeing on people’s lives.

Who we've worked with



Schlam recently engaged Matt Hern from HPH Solutions to deliver the first in a series of Financial Wellness seminars at our organisation.

Matt’s commitment to our wellbeing project and enthusiasm for teaching financial wellbeing habits to everyday people is truly admirable. His outstanding presenting skills, his expert knowledge of his field, and his unique passion for the subject have proven to be an asset to our project.

We are thrilled with his overall performance, dedication to helping others, and the impact he has had on our wellness program.

Matt has a great work ethic and a wonderful ability to present in a way that is both truthful and authentic, all whilst making a difference to the financial wellbeing of people.

Kylie Muriale
Marketing Manager, Schlam Group

We had the pleasure of having Matt Hern present to us on financial wellness and how we can get more happiness by managing our money better.

Matt covered some practical topics around avoiding common traps that create financial stress and how we can get more wellbeing bang for our buck.

Matt’s presentation style is informative, engaging and dynamic. The presentation was live in our Perth office, and was beamed virtually to our Melbourne office. Matt navigated the virtual/face-to-face presentation seamlessly and engaged staff nationwide in thought-provoking discussions.

Matt delved into the interesting connection between happiness and financial choices, revealing how small, well-considered decisions can significantly impact our overall wellbeing. Through real-world examples and relatable anecdotes, Matt skillfully demonstrated how to extract greater happiness from our personal financial management strategies.

By the end of the presentation, we were equipped with a fresh perspective on managing our money and some useful, practical tips we could implement into our day-to-day lives immediately. The session offered insights that extend far beyond traditional financial advice. I highly recommend this presentation to anyone seeking to maximise both their financial stability and their personal wellbeing.

Avril Thomson
Director, Cossill and Webley

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