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In retirement, you will have more freedom than ever before regarding how you choose to spend your time.  For some people, that is an exciting prospect and for others it is a frightening one.  But for most, it is both exciting and frightening to anticipate the challenges and opportunities of “free” time.

Many people think the secret to a happy retirement is “keeping busy.”  In fact, many retirees proudly report, “I’m so busy now, I don’t know how I ever had time to work.”  In Comfort Zones: Planning Your Future, the authors warn that “keeping busy is a fine idea for retirement – provided that the individual is doing what he/she wants to do, and the activities are personally meaningful and fulfilling.”  They encourage each person to not trade a life of challenge and opportunity “for a passive existence composed of busywork.”

When individuals are unhappy in their work lives, they focus more on what they are “retiring from” rather than what they are “retiring to.”  They see retirement as the goal or a finish line and give little thought to what life will really be like once they quit working.

In addition, many individuals give little thought to the benefits that work provides beyond the paycheck such as:  1) structure to the day,  2) regular interaction,  3)  friendships,  4) identity,  5) challenge, and  6) recognition.  Because full retirement is a major life transition, it is very helpful for you to think ahead about how you will continue to receive these more subjective benefits once you have left your current workplace.

Learning, “work” (paid or unpaid), and leisure can be thought of as the three “doing” components of a retirement lifestyle. That is because they reflect the main activities that will frame, design, and define an individual’s day to day activities during that stage of life.  These pursuits are the ones that shape a retiree’s sense of self and can make life in retirement enjoyable and fulfilling.

Therefore, it is very important for you to think ahead and to identify post-retirement learning, “work” (paid or unpaid), and leisure activities that will be meaningful to you, and to explore ways to invest your time and energy among these activities. It is also vital to seek retirement advice from experts in Perth who will help you manage your finances.



Visualisation is a very powerful tool.  It is a key factor in helping you to plan and prepare for a retirement lifestyle that will be rewarding and satisfying. In addition, visualisation will allow you to mentally rehearse many retirement lifestyle options and decide which version you like the best.

Visualising makes great use of one’s imagination. When you imagine how you want to live and what you want to achieve in retirement, these images will become the basis of your goals and shape the direction of your financial life plan.

At HPH Solutions, we can help you turn your vision into a reality. Our team of retirement plan advisors in Perth will help you manage your money by building an efficient and sustainable financial plan. We will help you set goals so that you can retire comfortably without worrying about financial burdens.

Find out how we can help you build a stable future by booking an appointment with one of our financial retirement advisors in Perth. Call us on (08) 9200 3123.


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