Tom Haliday

Back when I was in high school, my dad had put me down the path of studying business through the school’s accounting and finance course. My teacher there had instilled in me a love for the logic and numbers that came with the subject, and I decided to go to uni to expand on my knowledge and look for a career in the industry.

As I entered uni and my studies progressed, I became disenchanted with the prospect of competing for limited jobs with hundreds of other graduates for a tedious job with a stale corporate giant, and I felt unsatisfied at the prospect that my work would do nothing to help people in a meaningful way.

Thankfully, on a whim, I’d chosen to study financial planning with accounting and found myself one of the last handful of students in the state looking to enter the financial planning industry. Having a tutor who was a planner himself, being able to share his personal experiences and teach about what financial planning was really about rekindled my love for my studies, and I developed a drive to become a planner myself.

Now I find myself at HPH learning more than I ever have before, and I’m looking at a career where I can see the direct impact of my work, helping real people as they go down life’s many paths.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Financial Planning) from Curtin University and is a member of the Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA).

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