Nice words from our happy clients

Dr Paul Davey OAM and Dr Fleur James – Veterinary Business Owners

"Paul and I feeling more secure about the financial side of things just gives me an overall sense of relief. I think the last meeting that we had with the guys, I actually cried, because I was so just happy with how everything was going. I was so appreciative of everything they had set up for us. It didn't just happen immediately. It's been built on over the few years we've been together. It's a big deal for us."
~ Dr Fleur James

Kim Horne AM, Former Executive Director, Alcoa Group

"As we get older, we get more anxious. I'm anxious about my health and I'm anxious about the future of the world, but I'm not anxious about my money, that's taken care of, and hopefully it goes well enough that my kids get a benefit at the end of it all. But we're not worrying about that, that's in play. I can worry about chipping and putting. I can worry about a very bad slice if I get one. That's what I want to worry about."
~ Kim Horne

Dr Lay Kun Kho MD, Consultant Neurologist, Royal Perth Hospital

"I must say I adopt a pretty hands-off approach to super. I pretty much take the advice from the team. This kind of approach works well for me because I'm not into micromanaging areas that I'm not an expert in. I can't remember who said it, but there's the quote: "It's not about how to do things, it's about choosing the right people to help you do it." So I think I probably did invest some time to find the right people for me, and once I've found the right people, off they go."
~ Dr Lay Kun Kho

Dr Shaun Ridley FAIM, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

"They were very patient with us and took the time to get to know us first. That's what encouraged us to keep coming back. We like being valued by them. We like being respected by them. We like being informed by them. We like being treated as intelligent, able-bodied people in this conversation. And at the same time, recognising that we don't have their expertise or their knowledge of the intricacies of the superannuation legislation and those sorts of things."
~ Dr Shaun Ridley

Craig Buchanan, Former Creative Director, The Brand Agency

"The transition period from full-time work to retirement can be really tough for a lot of people. But for me, it's just given me this freedom that I never really had before. I have no debt and I'm able to really do the things that I want to do. If it wasn't for HPH, I don't know. I think I'd still be worried about money."
~ Craig Buchanan

Fleur and Kym Wilkinson, Farmers who transitioned to the city

"We made the decision to leave the farm, and then Michael was recommended to us by our accountant. They worked very, very closely together. I talk to Michael on the telephone quite a lot because I'm sitting on a harvester talking. So I felt as though I knew Michael by the time I met him. It sounds like a strange thing to say that your financial advisor would be talking to you about how you feel about those sorts of emotional choices and decisions about where you're going to live and how happy you are in the place that you're living. But ultimately what Michael did for us was take a very holistic look at our lives and help us to make that transition from the country to the city."
~ Kym and Fleur Wilkinson

Phil and Kate Smith, Early retirees

"If somebody asked me about financial planning, they were considering it, I would, without hesitation, recommend HPH because they have been instrumental in increasing our wealth portfolio. If I've got one regret, it's that we left it too late."
~ Phil Smith

Joel and Katie Wagner, Double income family with kids

"I have to admit at first I didn't know what to expect. I thought it was going to be a bunch of spreadsheets and number-crunching, but it was refreshing when I came into HPH for those first couple of appointments and it was more based around what we valued as a family, and figuring out what made us tick and what our goals were going to be, and then making a plan from there."
~ Joel Wagner

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