Kelly Exeter - Communications & Marketing

Born with a 'wordy' brain, numbers have never come naturally to me. But since I was one of those kids who couldn't handle seeing anything but 'A' grades on their report, I was forced to develop a working relationship with numbers at school.

When I started my own design business as an adult, I was grateful for that working relationship as knowing your business's numbers is kind of critical to a business operating profitably.

It wasn't long after becoming a business owner that a new relationship began - one with the world of financial planning and advice. My husband Anthony also had his own business at the time. With a mortgage to pay and a family on the way, we were sure anything we paid for good financial advice would come back to us both economically and via reduced stress levels.

This was proven to be true over and over again through a 15-year (and counting) tenure with our advisors.

If I hadn't already been sold on the value of ongoing financial advice, it would've really hit home in 2019 when Anthony died from injuries sustained in a freak car accident. That was when all the things most people never get around to doing (but that our advisors ensured were in place for us) came to the fore. Up to date wills. All the insurances. It's hard to articulate how much easier all the 'just in case' structures and safety nets that had been set up for us helped take the pressure off me in the years that followed Ant's death, allowing me to be there for both myself and our two heartbroken children. It was also invaluable to have people who knew the ins and outs of our financial affairs making calls on my behalf at that time - it saved me many tearful hours on the phone.

All of the above is why it was a total 'no-brainer' for me to say 'yes' when Rob Pyne asked me to come and work for HPH Solutions in a communications and marketing role. I was weirdly passionate about financial planning before Ant died. Now I'm just an unashamed advocate.

I look forward to helping spread the word about the impact firms like HPH Solutions can have on people's lives - in both good times and bad.

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