Greg McMeekin - Operations

At school working with numbers came more naturally than most other things I was learning about. That led to a natural interest in money and finances and it was no surprise to my parents when I entered the Finance Industry straight out of High School. Maybe my interest in numbers was born from my parents being battlers all their life, I’m not sure. I certainly wanted a more comfortable life.

While life has had its usual ups and downs, working in the industry has been positive for me. I have learned and experienced a lot along the way but more importantly, working in the industry allowed me to cross paths with my wonderful wife. Our journey since has included having and raising two fantastic children – now both adults making their own way in the world. Life’s journey continues ... needless to say, it includes more travel plans these days!

I enjoy working at HPH because I know we have a great team with the right culture. That’s something hard to find in a corporate environment and why I returned to the fold for a second time. Together we can make a difference to others which is not to be taken for granted.

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