Cindy Chiuman

I grew up in Indonesia where my mum and dad ran a family business together until Dad passed away in 2011. This meant my sister and I were exposed to the world of business from an early age.

As a family, we were very open about everything including both the business and family finances. Mum and Dad didn’t just give us an understanding of the challenges you might face when running a business, and how to bounce back from those challenges, they also taught us the importance of savings and how those can help during the ‘rainy days’.

I’m forever grateful for all the hard work Mum and Dad poured into their business. It’s what enabled them to support my dream of attending an overseas university here in Australia – providing a platform for me to grow personally and professionally.

After studying Accounting and Finance at UWA, I initially took the route of applying and interviewing for accountant roles. It was during the job search process that I stumbled across a role at a financial planning practice. This led to some research about the financial planning industry, and I quickly realised this was where I wanted to go. The prospect of working closely with clients and providing them with a personalised service that could help make their lives and those future generations better really excited me.

So I commenced further study in financial planning while working full-time as a Client Services Officer for a boutique financial planning firm. After four years in that role, I progressed to an Associate role. Six years later, when a similar role became available at HPH Solutions, I was delighted to be the one selected for it.

I am excited to work with like-minded team members at HPH to help our clients reach their goals and achieve the best outcomes for their personal situations.

Cindy has a master’s degree in Financial Planning and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance and Money and Banking.

Cindy is an employee Representative of TFG Australia Pty Ltd, AFS Licence No. 337755.

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