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What to do about Brexit

Friday was an interesting day for Britain (and Europe) and as we all know, the Brexit vote has had an immediate impact on bond and sharemarkets around the world. These are the very kinds of market events our clients’ portfolios are built for. We never take risks that aren’t worth taking and the portfolios we construct […]

Can you bank on Medibank?

Initial public offerings are back. Medibank Private is on the block in Australia. How should you approach IPOs and how can you tell a good one from a bad one? An IPO is when a company first sells stock to the public. Sometimes, these offerings are by smaller companies seeking capital to expand. Other times, […]

Ten Stocks for Ten Years

‘Ten Stocks for Ten Years’ – that was the headline in The Australian Financial Review nearly 5 years ago. The paper had interviewed analysts to identify 10 stocks to ride out the next decade with. Nearly half way through, how are they going? Resource and energy stocks topped the AFR’s December 2009 list of the […]

Top Drawer Investment

One old adage about investment is that you buy a bunch of reliable stocks, stick them in your bottom drawer and forget about them. That ignores one pesky fact: Nothing stays the same. Small stocks don’t always stay that way. Some grow up to become large stocks. Stocks that have low prices relative to fundamental […]

Down the Investment Mineshaft

Success in investment doesn’t just mean knowing what risks to take. It also means avoiding the uncompensated risks associated with laying out big bets on individual companies or sectors. In February 2008, the global credit crisis was underway. With investors in a defensive mood, The Australian Financial Review suggested that the minerals resource sector of […]

Smart Money Investing

When you’re making any purchasing decision, you make a judgement about whether you believe you’re getting value for money.  Along with price, other things that may come into the calculation include convenience, great service or in the case of luxury goods, the perceived effect on your social status. But when it comes to money management, the [...]

Buffett’s Gold

Here’s an extract from Berkshire Hathway’s 2012 annual letter to shareholders where Warren Buffett shares his thoughts on gold as an investment. The second major category of investments involves assets that will never produce anything, but that are purchased in the buyer’s hope that someone else – who also knows that the assets will be forever […]

Gold: Some Safe Haven

Gold is frequently cited in the media as a safe haven asset that offers stability in a diversified portfolio and an anchor in uncertain times. The reality, however, frequently falls short of the billing.   By the end of 2012, after a dozen consecutive years of price gains by gold, many analysts were rewriting the […]