The ultimate goal of most individuals’ financial planning is the comfortable funding of their retirement.  This can begin as early as when you start your first job and continue throughout retirement, to ensure that your funds last your lifetime.

Retirement planning may take many forms:

Goal setting

We can review your lifestyle requirements to determine the income that you will need, assess whether your timeframe for retirement is achievable and tell you what you need to save in order to meet your target retirement income.

Pre-retirement strategies

Building savings can be achieved in a number of ways and may include borrowing for investment and/or making contributions to superannuation. The strategies most suitable to you will depend upon your investment timeframe and your tolerance for investment risk.

Transition to retirement

If you are over 55, transitioning to retirement using superannuation is now possible. It allows you to reduce your work hours or potentially, stay working full-time and use a tax-effective pension to significantly improve your personal tax position. You can use your pension income to meet your living expenses while directing more of your employment income to superannuation to save tax and boost your savings.

At retirement planning

If you are about to retire or have just retired, you are going through the biggest life transition since joining the workforce. The transition often precipitates asset sales, contributions to superannuation, the commencement of pensions and if eligible, an application for Centrelink/Department of Veterans Affairs income support. Strategic planning is never more important that at this time of your life, to ensure that you minimise tax and maximise your retirement wealth.

Ongoing planning

If you are already retired, preserving your wealth, funding a comfortable lifestyle and estate planning become the key focus.

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