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A cash flow plan is not about scrimping and saving every dollar, but understanding in what areas you spend your money and in what ways you can afford to put your money towards growing your wealth.

We often fall into the trap of believing we can solve our cash flow problems by simply earning more money. Unfortunately, even if this occurs, it doesn’t tend to work as we see the recurring cycle of earn more, spend more, earn more, spend more. As a household, it is common to prioritise everything you want today over everything you are going to need for tomorrow.

Your HPH Solutions Financial Life Planner will work alongside you to develop a flexible structure to help you plan for the needs of tomorrow and will often help you meet your goals and objectives sooner than you expected. Financial Planning is all about having a realistic and achievable plan with someone in your corner to keep you on track.


When you are trying to increase your income position there are two key levers you can pull:


Lever 1 - Spend less

On the surface, spending less may sound easy, but have you ever tried to change your habits to turn your spending around or to reduce your lifestyle with no immediate reward? It is a lot easier if you can see the outcome, and this is what a financial planner in Perth can help you understand.

By developing responsible spending habits, we can bring forward those goals of becoming debt free or putting the kids through private school or reaching an early retirement which may have seemed so out of reach before becoming a client of HPH Solutions.


Lever 2 - Be more tax effective

We all have some form of tax liability and for most of us, it is our single biggest expense. It is no secret that better tax planning is about how to effectively minimise tax and for this, you need to plan ahead.

Your HPH Solutions Financial Life Planner can review your personal circumstances and help you plan your finances for tax-effectiveness by addressing questions such as:

  • In whose name should you own your assets to help with tax?
  • Should you be using tax-effective structures such as superannuation or family trust to invest to help with tax?
  • Can you replace non-deductible debt with deductible debt?
  • When is the best time to sell your investment assets to assist in tax planning?
  • What else can you do to reduce the impact of capital gains tax?

Your HPH Solutions Financial Life Planner will work with you to create an achievable plan and then continue to advise you on important decisions throughout all life stages.


Tax planning is not only for the here and now, but addresses expected growth in your wealth and how best to manage it to greatest effect while keeping taxes in mind for two, five and ten years into the future. A Financial Life Planner will get to grips with your aspirations for your future, and work with you to provide specific and tailored tax planning so that you can use your money to build your own wealth, while contributing appropriately to society.

Why choose HPH Solutions as your financial planning specialist?

HPH Financial Planning specialists are accredited and experienced financial planners who can help you navigate your tax planning right here in Perth. We will work with you to build a holistic plan for your cash flow so that we can address all of your needs and wants for the present and the future. We want to help you create a life of fulfilment, and we will work with you to make that life a reality.


Improving Cash Flow with Proactive Tax Planning

Our financial advisors in Perth help clients build strategies that grow their investment capabilities. Book an appointment with us by calling (08) 9200 3123 and let’s discuss your financial needs.


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