GESB (West State) Super retirement planning: HPH Solutions case study

By Rob Pyne | September 17, 2019

This new superannuation strategy saved Rob and Marie around $24,000 per annum in tax. Our financial advisors provided a technical perspective of where and how to invest.

Different horizons for successful investing

By Dimensional Fund Advisors | January 25, 2019

Rather than acting on worrying sentiments in the news, leave the markets to do the worrying and instead focus on the horizons that are meaningful to you

2018 Year in Review – Markets and Headlines

By Rob Pyne | January 15, 2019

Global equity markets posted their worst performance in seven years in 2018, although most of the damage was done in the fourth quarter. The step-up in volatility towards year-end was …

2018 Year in Review – Markets and Headlines Read More »

Better money management beyond Christmas

By Rob Pyne | December 10, 2018

While it’s nearly Christmas this article seeks to share some thoughts on a more perennial approach to better money management.

Wheel of Life …. What’s the money for?

By Rob Pyne | November 9, 2018

Money helps us achieve the things we want in our life. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Should you be spending less on managing your investment portfolio?

By Rob Pyne | October 31, 2018

Even the most well-intentioned financial adviser shouldn’t try to custom-build direct share portfolios. The odds are stacked against them and their clients.

Balance Sheet

What’s your household balance sheet like?

By Rob Pyne | October 29, 2018

Just as accountants prepare a business balance sheet, a household balance sheet keep you informed as the CEO/Managing Director of your own household.

Global Trade and Wealth over time

Living with Volatility, Again

By Rob Pyne | October 12, 2018

Volatility is back. Just as many people were starting to think markets only ever move in one direction, the pendulum has swung back the other way.

4 ways to be a great money mentor for your kids

By Rob Pyne | October 5, 2018

Showing our children how to practice good financial habits and attitudes is key to their financial security in the future. This article shares 4 ways to do this.


Foundations for a “Better Financial Life”

By Rob Pyne | September 30, 2018

What builds the foundations of a succesful financial life? Learn what you can do to prepare yourself for effective wealth management here.

When It Comes To Change, You Are of Two Minds

By Rob Pyne | September 19, 2018

Understand self-sabotaging behaviours, allows you to positively affect your decision making when it comes to personal finances. Find out more here.

Listening to the Wrong Money Messages

By Rob Pyne | September 19, 2018

It’s important to look for clues in your past to help you understand your current financial life. The following questions will guide you in this process.

Increasing happiness is a matter of intention

By Rob Pyne | September 19, 2018

Our genetic set point accounts for only 50% of the happiness we experience while a mere 10% can be attributed to life circumstances and situations.


Personal Insights on Financial Planning

By Rob Pyne | September 16, 2018

It’s always nice to get personal insights on financial planning from people who have experienced the benefits. This video shares insight of this kind

Values-based retirement planning

By Rob Pyne | September 7, 2018

Financial security is extremely important, but financial resources alone will not guarantee a rich and rewarding life in retirement.

The Psychology of Goal Setting

By Rob Pyne | August 25, 2018

Goal setting is an effective way of picturing what we want to achieve. We can then move toward those images in an intentional way.

Retirement expectations

By Guest Contributor | August 18, 2018

It is not uncommon for individuals to experience many ambivalent feelings towards retirement because of the significant transitions they anticipate.

The Magic of Purpose-Based Goals

By Rob Pyne | August 11, 2018

Your values should provide the foundation for your pursuits and the criteria for allocating your financial resources. 

6 ways money can buy happiness

By Rob Pyne | August 7, 2018

Whilst the Beatles sang “Money Can’t Buy Me Love” and that is probably true, it turns out that “Money CAN Buy Happiness”. Scientific research has concluded that it is how you spend …

6 ways money can buy happiness Read More »


Goal Setting Outside of the Box

By Rob Pyne | August 4, 2018

Goals give us something to aim for, giving us a sense of direction and is a proactive mindset way of planning out your life for the future. Read on.

What does money mean to you?

By Guest Contributor | July 27, 2018

Money is not good or bad or evil. Money simply is. It’s a marker for the value that you created for someone else. It holds no power on its own.

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