What brought us joy in 2023

At the end of every year, the HPH team likes to pause for a moment and reflect on the previous 12 months. In 2021 and 2022 we asked our team members to share a lesson they learned that year that they’d be taking into the following year. For 2023, we thought we’d do something a little different as a reflection exercise. We asked our team to share what activity(ies) brought them the most joy and fulfilment this year.

Below are their answers. We hope you enjoy the reflections. Feel free to share your own answer to this question in the comments!

Jeff Petrie – Financial Planner AFP®

This year I managed to get back into long-distance travel. I’d forgotten how far away we are from most places and how taxing the flights are, but once I got there, it was great to catch up with family and friends after so long. It was lovely creating shared memories with those closest to us, experiencing their life and sharing their world in a way that is hard to do over the phone or a Skype call. 

Dylan Renoux – Paraplanner

I really enjoyed going back to playing soccer at a higher level again (even though it involved losing a lot of games and getting far too many injuries).

Lulu Morgan – Office Administrator

As the end of this hectic year approached (new job, marriage, new house!), I realised I’d been neglecting my hobbies. I set about remedying the situation by diving headfirst into my all-time favourite hobby, reading. This created a nice connection point with my husband as it saw me telling him, in excruciating detail, everything that was happening in the book I was reading. Sometimes it even saw me rushing into whichever room he was in to tell him the main character did something I didn’t expect, only to realise he had no idea what I was talking about! Funny times. But also, it was lovely to get back to doing something that is one of my greatest passions and something I consider a core point of myself as a person.

Linda Sara – Client Services

Every year my husband and I attempt to find a hobby we can do together, and while we do enjoy brunch or coffee and the occasional show/event at the RAC Arena, with the cost of living pinching more and more, we’ve stumbled on a relaxing, yet cathartic activity we can do together – gaming! I’m the fire team leader (naturally), but he’s the best wingman as we go about finishing quests and bounties. Affordable, fun and you get to blow stuff up from the comfort of your pink gaming chair with your favourite person. That’s a win for me!

Chris Dodsley – Associate

Something that brought me joy this year was heading back to England in July for the first time in seven years so I could spend time with my family and friends. It was also the first time my family and friends met my children, which was really special!


Watching my son Oliver play soccer every Sunday in winter gave me great joy this year. All the boys played so well together as a team, and I enjoyed being part of the soccer community. 


Heidi and I decided to make 2023 our ‘holiday year’ as our large South America trip was cancelled due to COVID. This year, we went to Tassie for two weeks, Europe (London, Portugal and Turley) for four weeks, and I spent two weeks in Colorado/the Rocky Mountains for a boys’ trip. As a planner, I don’t like spending money. As a husband and friend, I appreciate the value of recharging the batteries with loved ones away from the office. 

Rob Pyne – Managing Director

Being a part of our second son Declan’s graduation from Wesley College brought me the most joy this year. Emma and I each had the opportunity to participate in special events with Declan to celebrate his graduation and then celebrate together with him at a final graduation dinner. What made it even more special was receiving and sharing some thoughtful and heartfelt messages of love and appreciation for the journey he and we have been on throughout all his years of schooling.

Kylie Lindquist – Client Services

The thing that brought me the most joy this year was crocheting. It’s an activity that is great for my mind as it shuts my brain off from outside noise and is a stress relief for me. I also love gifting my makes to family and friends. 

Kelly Exeter – Communications and Marketing

For me, joy was found in getting some quality time out on the hiking trails. This year, I hiked by myself, with my kids, with my family and with friends. At the risk of sounding a bit woo, there’s something inherently soul-filling about having hard dirt under your feet, acres of trees all around you and the big blue sky above. Every year, I resolve to get out on the trails more than I did the year before because it’s just such an impactful activity for me. This was a year I definitely did that, and I hope to repeat the effort in 2024.

Rachael Parker – Client Services

Being able to complete building tasks around our home has delivered me joy this year. As an owner-builder, it always feels like an achievement to get one more thing tidied away. 

Nathan Morgan – Associate

This year I’ve really enjoyed working with the HPH team in Geraldton and getting to know the clients. It helps that my family is based in Geraldton, and I get to see them more regularly as a result.


Going through the pregnancy journey with my partner, Brooke, has brought a lot of joy this year. We’ve grown closer and learned a lot about each other throughout the pregnancy so far, and now we eagerly await the birth of our baby boy in early 2024.

Elaine Forrester – Compliance Officer

For me this year, it was holidaying on an island with virtually no internet access. It was a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from the World and just enjoy quality time with my husband without the constant distractions and “noise” of everyday life. 

Thomas Sweeny – Financial Planner AFP®

At the beginning of this year, I was fortunate to go on a snowboarding trip to Japan with some friends. Having been to Japan back in 2018 for the first time, this was my second time snowboarding. I spent time each day mastering the skill and was able to go off the track, enjoy evening runs on the slopes and spend time with friends. Getting out and being active is such a good break from day-to-day life. Can’t wait to see what adventures 2024 will bring.


Being part of Impact100 WA and seeing three wonderful businesses receive $100,000 grants (and two businesses receive $10,000 grants) that will help them increase the already amazing impact they are having on the lives of West Australians definitely brought me great joy this year.

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  1. Merry Christmas everyone. It sound like you all had an exiting and /or relaxing 2023. We hope that 2024 is full of joy and happiness for you all.

    1. Thanks Phil! Best wishes to you and Kate for a wonderful festive season with family and friends and may 2024 be another year of adventure for you both!

  2. Debbie & Paul Brophy

    Our big lesson for 2023 is… if not now, when?
    All the very best to Liam and his partner Brooke, and to the whole HPH team.

    1. Thanks for your best wishes Debbie and Paul, and especially for Liam and Brooke. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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