Self Managed Super


People tend to choose to have their own Self Managed Super Fund due to factors such as:

  • Control over the management decisions,
  • Wider variety of investment options, such as the opportunity to move business properties into a SMSF,
  • Flat cost base for the administration i.e. operating costs not linked to asset value,
  • Flexibility in terms of inclusions in their super fund trust deed.

SMSF solutionThese all sound like good reasons to have an SMSF and there are many advisers who promote them as the best super solution.  HPH Solutions takes an objective view of whether an SMSF is right for you.  We highlight the advantages and also the potential drawbacks so that you can make an informed decision.  Furthermore, we have no revenue incentive to encourage you to set up a SMSF so if we advise and help you set one up, it will be because it suits your circumstances.


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 SMSF Administration

To make your SMSF experience easy and fully compliant, we have partnered with a market-leading provider of SMSF administration, SuperGuardian.  They are a specialist self-managed super fund administrator who will not only prepare annual tax returns and financial statements, but you can stay completely up-to-date with online reporting.  Your entire investment portfolio and cash position is reconciled and updated every month, not just once a year!  Perhaps more surprising is that due to SuperGuardian’s scale, their fixed fee administration service is often at a lower cost than having your SMSF updated just once a year.

If you would like to investigate if an SMSF is your best option, contact us to schedule an appointment.