Financial Planning with a Difference

[Rob]  I started HPH Solutions because I wanted to do financial planning in a different way. I really wanted to better serve the people that were trusting me for their financial advice.

[Michael]  Helping people to plan and reach their financial potential so they have more choices and can pursue their dreams, what could be better than that?

[Ashley]  It’s amazing how complex some financial lives can become. We love solving complex financial problems, but more than that, we love helping great people simplify and organise their financial lives.

[Paul]  We give people time to focus on what is most important to them, helping them gain a greater sense of control over their finances.

[Rob]  When I started the company more than 15 years ago, financial planning was owned by institutions with products to sell and advice was charged as a percentage of how much money someone had. I just felt there was a better way.

[Michael]  Changing to fixed-fee financial advice and separating our business from institutional influence was a liberating experience. Having the freedom to represent our clients and advocate for them without restriction or reservation, that’s what we wanted.

[Ashley]  If your adviser gets paid based on how much money you have, what do you think they’ll focus on? We want to have meaningful conversations with our clients about more than just money. We want to understand what’s important to them, what their values are, because that’s what the money is for.

[Paul]  Have you noticed, even with all the modern technology available to make our life easier, our personal and financial information is very much disconnected? What we do is bring all that together.

Think of us as your Family Financial Office.

About Rob Pyne

Rob loves helping people make smart choices with their money so they have the highest probability of achieving their goals. He does this by helping them get financially organised and keeping it that way.