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"Time and tide wait for no man."

Geoffrey Chaucer

Perth is one of the most liveable cities on the planet.  With great weather, beaches, open spaces and fresh air, our lifestyle is amongst the best in the world.  And with so many choices on how to take advantage of our wonderful city, our leisure time is precious.


Australian Financial Services

Life can get busy. From juggling work and personal commitments to making plans to see family and friends, time can quickly slip away from us. As personal time often seems like a precious and finite resource, why spend it in a state of worry and stress? At HPH Solutions in Perth, our professional financial advisers help you reclaim your personal time with effective and rewarding financial services and support. From strategic financial advice and long-term plans to Centrelink and executor assistance, take back your free time and let us help you with financial and administrative complexities.


Achieve Financial Freedom

Access a wide range of Australian financial services designed to help you achieve financial freedom and spend less time worrying about your finances with HPH Solutions. Specialising in crafting tailored financial strategies and plans, we help you manage a diverse range of financial circumstances with expertise, knowledge and confidence. Offering informative advice based on current and emerging industry regulations, rules and trends, our financial services help to simplify complex and vague concepts into understandable and actionable terms.


Australian Financial Services from HPH Solutions

Strategic Financial Advice

At HPH Solutions, we provide strategic financial advice designed to help you determine how to best utilise your resources. From aligning your expenses with your long-term goals to identifying potential savings, every strategic financial plan and piece of advice is customised according to your circumstances. Answering the big financial questions – like savings, investments, super, mortgage and retirement – we also empower you build the lifestyle you want with smart decision-making and forward thinking.


‘On Track Review’

Change is constant, so your financial strategy needs to be flexible and adaptable in response to regular reviews. Our yearly ‘on track reviews’ evaluate the performance and effectiveness of your financial plans. Designed with financial resilience and stability in mind, your financial strategy should undergo continuous evaluations. With regular reviews and analysis, we’re able to collaboratively adapt your financial plan to accommodate for changes in circumstances and requirements.


Centrelink/DVA Advice

Our knowledgeable financial advisers can help you maximise your rewards and benefits with Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). From Age Pension entitlements and recovering tax or seeking compensation for military service, we identify available benefits and guide you through the application process. We’re also able to provide advice on how employment, purchases or investments can impact your benefits as well as give regular updates on changing rules and regulations.


Executor Assistance

As experienced financial professionals, we provide executor/estate assistance to individuals and families. Conducting all services with compassion and respect, we understand the grieving process and offer advice with your specific circumstances in mind. If you’ve been named as an executor of an estate, we provide you with the support you need to complete your legal, financial and administrative obligations.

Free up your personal time with expert financial services and advice from HPH Solutions. Contact us on (08) 9200 3123 to find out more.


Financial Life Planning is a holistic process
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