HPH Solutions adds Aged Care Financial Advice specialist

HPH Solutions is a financial services firm that offers clients ‘Financial advice for life’.

An important part of this approach is helping clients plan for retirement and the entire post-retirement journey. It’s important for older people to maintain control and independence as they approach the stage of life where some level of care is required, whether it’s in their own home or in some form of aged care.

HPH advisor Emma Cork has chosen to devote her attention to this important area of financial advice to help clients understand the complexities and costs of aged care.

Emma says:

“Aged care can be a complex journey, and I understand the unique challenges families face. My 20 years of experience as an advisor, along with my qualification as an Accredited Aged Care Professional TM, mean I’ve had the privilege of assisting numerous families in making informed and confident financial decisions. 

I recognise that every family is different, and the financial aspects of aged care can be overwhelming. From navigating government support and managing assets to optimising investments, I’m able to guide families through the process, making it as seamless as possible. 

My goal is to empower families with the knowledge and tools needed to make confident decisions about aged care, whether it’s considering the sale of property, managing investments, or planning for future healthcare needs.”

More information about the HPH Solutions Aged Care Financial Advice service can be found here.

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