Welcome to the team Elaine Forrester

The financial planning industry’s reporting and compliance requirements have increased significantly in recent years. The regulatory frameworks we operate under are incredibly stringent and up until the end of last year, our long-time, hardworking Operations Manager Greg McMeekin was the one dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s (in addition to everything else he does in his operational role).

With our business growing at a significant rate, it became clear we needed a dedicated person to manage the compliance side of things. And we were very pleased to offer Elaine Forrester this role.

Introducing Elaine

Elaine started her career in IT. She moved to Australia at a time when all the major financial services providers were undertaking huge IT projects in preparation for SIS legislation being introduced in 1994. Consequently, she landed in the financial services industry on arrival here and found she loved all the quirks and ever-changing rules of the super/pension system. She’s been working in the financial services industry ever since. 

Elaine has a Bachelor of Science and two Graduate Diplomas – one in Applied Finance and one in Financial Planning. She has singular attention to detail and her knowledge of all the regulatory frameworks and systems we operate under is encyclopedic.

Our team (especially Greg!) loves having Elaine and her knowledge in the office.

For her part, Elaine loves knowing the work we do makes a genuine difference to people’s lives. And she says it’s really lovely to work with colleagues whose motivation is the same.

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