Welcome to the team Dylan Renoux

Paraplanners are the people who document the advice our advisers give. It’s a detail-oriented job that Tom Haliday has been doing at an exceptional standard for us for a number of years. But with our adviser team growing steadily and supporting more clients, it became necessary to provide Tom with greater support in his work. Thus we were excited to welcome Dylan Renoux to our team.

Introducing Dylan

Growing up, Dylan was very good at Maths. This, along with his early interest in matters of money and finance saw him studying Accounting as a TEE subject in Year 11. Funnily enough, he hated Accounting at school, feeling it was closer to English than Maths as a subject.

Fast forward a few years and Dylan gave Accounting another go, this time at TAFE. That qualification came in handy not long after when his sister interviewed for an Associate Planner position at a financial planning firm. She got the job but declined the offer while mentioning to the directors that ‘my brother might like the role, he is good with numbers’.

The very next week Dylan found himself in the same office, interviewing for the role his sister had just turned down. The directors obviously saw potential in him because he was offered the position. This led to a rapid expansion of his knowledge of the financial planning industry as he learned on the job.

While Dylan’s role with us as a paraplanner is very different to the Associate Planner role that brought him into the industry, he’s loving the attention to detail it requires and the amount it’s teaching him about the industry.

Meanwhile, we love having Dylan on the team. Not just for the fact that he’s doubled our paraplanning capacity, but also for his sense of humour and unique take on things. 

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