Welcome to the team Cindy Chiuman

At the end of 2021, Michael Pyne’s Associate Murray Clarke moved on to a new role that gave him the opportunity to work more in the area of cryptocurrency, a field that has been of particular interest to him.

We were very sad to lose Murray but fully supported him in his new direction. Happily, we were able to welcome his replacement, Cindy Chiuman before he left which allowed for a smooth handover in the role. 

Introducing Cindy

Cindy grew up in Indonesia where her mum and dad ran a family business together until her Dad passed away in 2011. This meant she and her sister were exposed to the world of business from an early age. This gave her an understanding of the challenges people face when running a business, the importance of bouncing back in the face of challenges, and the importance of savings for ‘rainy days’.

The hard work Cindy’s parents poured into their business enabled them to support her dream of attending university overseas here in Perth. 

After studying Accounting and Finance at UWA, Cindy initially applied and interview for accountant roles. It was only during that job search process that she stumbled across a role at a financial planning practice. This led to some research about the financial planning industry, and a quick realisation that this was where she wanted to go. She relished the prospect of working closely with clients and providing them with a personalised service that could help make their lives and those future generations better.

This saw Cindy undertake further study in financial planning while working full-time as a Client Services Officer for a boutique financial planning firm. After four years in that role, she progressed to an Associate role. Six years later, when a similar role became available here at HPH Solutions, she was delighted to be the one selected for it.

Our team has been working with Cindy for a little over a month now, and we have all enjoyed having her on board. We hope you will join us in wishing Cindy a warm welcome next time you meet her in person or on email.

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