Business Insurance

HPH Solutions’s Business Insurance service will advise business owners of the risks that may impact the continuity of their business and recommend cover to protect the owners from financial loss.

Our objective is to provide a Business Insurance recommendation that is specific to the business and supported by regular reviews to ensure that the cover remains relevant.

Key Areas of Business Insurance

Business Protection








Ownership ‘Buy/Sell’ Insurance
  • Protects owner’s interest in the business and ensures orderly handover and ‘perpetuity’ of the business.
  • Fundamental to incorporate insurances into a ‘Buy/Sell’ agreement.
  • Insurances provide the funding mechanism for the Buy/Sell agreement.
  • Ownership of insurances structured in variety of methods e.g. Self-owned, Cross-owned, Trust, Company or Super.
  • Generally not tax deductible, nor tax assessable.
Key Person Protection
  • Protects the business against the loss of a person who makes a significant contribution towards profitability and stability of the business.
  • For revenue or capital purposes. E.g. replace loss of revenue as a result of the death of a Key Person.
  • Insurance is owned by the business.
  • Tax deductible for revenue purposes only and tax assessable.
Assets ‘Loan Guarantor’ insurance
  • Protects against guaranteed liabilities of the Business.
  • E.g. Funds to extinguish all or part of business guaranteed bank loans or supplier loans.
  • Insurance is owned by business.
  • Generally not tax deductible, nor tax assessable.
Business Expenses Insurance
  • Protects against the fixed expenses of running the business.
  • Does not cover Business Interruption e.g. flood damage or fire.
  • E.g. Provision of monthly income for business to pay for such items as rent, non-income producing staff salaries, insurances etc.
  • Either self or business owned insurance.
  • Tax deductible and tax assessable
Estate Equalisation Insurance
  • Creation of wealth to offset assets which are not easily divided in the case of the death of an owner.

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