Murray Clarke

It all started for me in the middle of high school when I started reading Scott Pape’s Barefoot Investor articles in the Sunday Times. I remember the feeling of excitement I’d get picking the paper up to see who Scott had helped that week. Seeing the sense the satisfaction he got in helping everyday people put me on a path to consuming as many personal finance books as I could get my hands on.

When I attended University, I didn’t know about the world of financial advice, so like most others, I did my Bachelor of Commerce. This in turn led me to the world of accounting and the completion of my Chartered Accountancy. While this was an invaluable experience, there was something missing – the ability to help people and make a direct impact.

I decided to take a break and travel for six months to contemplate my options. Six months quickly turned into two years as I lived, worked and travelled abroad, mostly in Canada.

While I was away, I had plenty of downtime to evaluate my passions and priorities. And my mind kept coming back to the love I had for personal investment, life coaching and the desire to help people in a really direct and meaningful way.

With the recent professionalisation in the financial services industry, I knew I could both make a difference and find like-minded people with my same passion there. I returned home and immediately started studies to pivot into financial planning. Close to the end of my studies, I found HPH Solutions, loved the ethos of the firm and was lucky enough to find my way in. That jolt of excitement was back!

For so many people I’ve come across – family, friends, fellow travellers – the topics of money, life planning and investing have always seemed to be veiled in this air of secrecy. I love working at HPH and being able to dedicate my time to lifting the veil on this topic and contributing to the financial education of those I work with.

Murray holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Corporate Finance) from The University Of Western Australia and is a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA).

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